I’m back on the train…

You all must be wondering why I say I’m back when it seems like I’ve never hopped on this train in first place! Well, at this point I have to say that I’ve definitely been here before, but not exactly at the same blogosphere…

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now but only in Portuguese, my mother tongue. Although, I was already living abroad when I first decided to start a food blog, it seemed natural, at that time, to write in Portuguese. The very first one I came across was written in Portuguese as well as most of the others that came after and served me as inspiration to start my own blog.

After 4 years away from home, it started feeling like a part of my life – a very big one – didn’t belong to my actual life. Along the years English became more and more present in my days. I’ve got to meet a lot of international people who got to try my recipes but never the chance to reproduce them at their kitchens, as none of them could understand what was written on my blog. It felt like I had a double life… At one, I was a Brazilian girl with a pulsating passion for food and a cool food blog, while at the other one I was just a girl who was a good cook (still Brazilian though…). I stopped feeling like commenting the upcoming posts or sharing new ideas for a new savoury cake recipe because it didn’t belong to my new life, where people around me didn’t the speak language I did.

Now, I’m putting together my two lives and making only one out of it! Modern math, I guess…

Spoon of What? will be written in both English and Portuguese. The readers will now have to option to read it in one of the two languages.

My previous food blog, Temperinhos & Afins, will remain online but won’t have new posts and the readers will be redirected to this new home. Eventually, some of the previous recipes posted there will be revisited at Spoon of What. The ones that are close to my heart will always have a come back at this blog as they have in my kitchen.

So, I’m delighted to be back on the train… Hope you’ll join me on this ride!!!


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